Labour Express Services

Airport Shuttle Service

Labour Express does provide shuttle service for the arrival/ departure for your foreign domestic worker at a special price. All shuttle services are a door-to-door service for your convenience from either your residential address or the boarding house (if the foreign domestic worker is housed with us).

Arrangement for Medical Check up

Other than scheduling basic medical check-up imposed by Ministry of Manpower, Labour Express does arrange additional tests for your foreign domestic worker if are to be requested by you. Moreover, a cheaper medical fees is guaranteed if you are willing to engaged with us

Cancellation of Work Permit

Labour Express does provide cancellation of work permit on the spot. In this way, you can save your precious time and forget the hassle to make two trips. In a nutshell, Labour Express provides a cost effective and time efficient service to our clients. For our existing clients, it will be free-of-charge, as Labour Express believes good service goes a long way.

Direct Hire Application

Being one of the preferred maid agencies in Singapore, Labour Express does provide documentation service to assist you to employ your preferred foreign domestic worker from her country. With this service, you can forget about the overwhelming paperwork required. Everything from arranging flight up till the foreign domestic worker arrives at your doorstep will be arranged by us. In this case, you can then save the hassle of going through all the different procedures and documentation required by Ministry of Manpower and the foreign domestic worker’s home country.

Holiday drop off

Labour Express has heard many of our client’s feedback to us regarding employing a foreign domestic maid in Singapore, but faced with the problem of "What if I need to travel with my family and to leave my foreign domestic worker alone at home?”. In this case, where will my maid be staying? Rest assured that Labour Express can help you in this instance. If you're an employer going overseas for leisure or business but you do not wish to leave the helper alone in your house, you can actually call us to arrange for your maid to stay with us. In fact, when your domestic helper (maid) is staying with us, we will provide appropriate training to them. When you're back, you'll have a maid that is well trained and you'll also have ease of mind when you know that your maid (foreign domestic worker) is safely housed with Labour Express.

Personal / Medical Insurance and security bond

With regards to the personal/medical insurance and the security bond, Labour Express, as one of the most preferred maid agency in Singapore, will endeavor to handle all requirements set by the Ministry of Manpower. We will also provide reliable and trustworthy insurance partners to our clients.

Renewal of Work Permit or Passport

Labour Express provides detailed paperwork all done up for our valued clients. Over the years, we have saved our clients the hassle of submitting the documents required by the Ministry of Manpower as well as the collection of the actual work permit itself. Our professional staff, with years of experience in the foreign domestic helper industry in Singapore, will accompany your foreign domestic worker when they are going for the renewal of the passport. In some cases, it could be that you do not want to or are not comfortable with the maid being on her own and thus, Labour Express is here to help.